FNO Recap!

My Fashion Week experience actually started a day early with a great presentation put on by jewelry genius Samantha House. Replete with her beautiful hand-made pieces, in addition to the (now) standard neverending cupcakes and champagne, she had FREE jewelry for her attendees! Ya’ll know how I feel about free stuff so needless to say I’ve been wearing my new rings everyday since and it goes perfect with my Sephora Nail Bling (clearly I’m addicted to animal prints). And can I just say, those Nail Blings are pretty awesome, granted it took me a few tries to get the hang of it but they’re super cute AND cheaper than the Sally Hansens!! Not to mention I finally got to meet friend in my head/online Channing Hargrove! If you don’t already know her Channing is freelance writer for pretty much every blog I frequent, but check out her personal blog ChanningInTheCity.com 🙂



For my actual FNO outing I made it to the Kenton Magazine event where I got my makeup done by Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics- their colors are the beautifully bright hues I’ve been looking everywhere so I’ll definitely be looking for more from them.

Not only did they have chocolate and icing flavored liqueur and Craving 4 Cupcakes and I mention they were raffling off trench coats? I didn’t win one but with fall wardrobes that still need tweaking I’m sure a few ladies had a lucky night, and how generous of him! We ventured into SoHo (bad idea) and Public School Clothing’s event at the Crosby Hotel (good idea). Of course we got there so late we missed the movie but I did get to meet the designers, and run into a few people I haven’t seen in a LONG time! There’s a lot more events to come and hopefully many new interviews to come for you all!


7 thoughts on “FNO Recap!

  1. I’m so excited that I got to meet you! I knew that I would heart you because I love your blog, you’re just as FAB in real life (that sounds so dorky).

    But um, girl? These nails? I NEED these in my life, so pretty!

    • It doesn’t sound dorky! I def emailed Zandile the other day and was like I ❤ Channing! LOL!

      Aren't those nails awesome though? I just bought another pair yesterday, thinking of doing the tutorial for them as my first video!

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