Thoughts on: Watch the Throne

I deliberately took my time listening to this album before I gave my thoughts on it, mainly because upon first listen I was less than impressed. Even though, as I think about both of their personas it’s not hard to think they didn’t put 110% into it. Jay-Z hasn’t “lost” a rap battle since Ether vs. Takeover and even that was sympathized from here to the moon. The thing with me though is that, there’s some people that can hear Jay sneeze over the melody to the ABC’s and would say THATS A CLASSIC! So I personally hold anything he puts out to a higher standard because for me to say that about anybody it had better be amazing.

Back to the album though, I like the way their creativity compliments each other which I’m sure they noticed or they wouldn’t have made the album. I liked No Church In The Wild until the weird outro which sounds like it would be on an inspector gadget soundtrack, and for some reason it’s on a number of songs none of which it fits on. That’s My Bitch and Lift Off did absolutely nothing for me, especially with Beyonce on the latter. That’s not a shot at B though, I just don’t feel like her voice fit on the song. Niggas In Paris might be my favorite song on the album, more so even than H.A.M., . Maybe I’m just a little sick of H.A.M. though because I noticed I was feeling it more the day it came out than I am now. I have a short attention span though so I don’t blame that on the song at all.

All in all I think, they put this album out as a creative release for them both. Neither of them are trying to prove anything to anyone anymore, and it shows. That can be a double edged sword though, because with a name like Watch The Throne they needed to come harder than they did. Still I wouldn’t call it a terrible album and by no means is it a flop, but there wasn’t anything on it that made me say ‘OMG he went in on that track/play that again’. I hope they are watching the throne because at the rate their going that spot can easily get taken…

I’m interested in hearing what you all think of the album though, I can’t be the only one unimpressed right?

iTunes Download: Watch the Throne

Added to my playlist: Niggas in Paris

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Watch the Throne

  1. I didn’t care for this album either! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I really took my time getting around to listening to it and listened while on a road trip so it was the only thing I was focused on (not the driver) and I found myself like shaking my head like really…this is it?

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