Lacquer Saturday: Starry Nights!

I scored once again in Forever 21! I really just went for a cute pair of flats (ended up with a cute pair of wedge booties) but I did find some great nail colors AND I had no idea they made acrylics too! I don’t know if you guys noticed but I’ve been on a nail kick for the longest time, I’m actually thinking about making it a weekly thing here. So when I finally made it to the nail polish bins I’d hit the jackpot. I got a navy and deep pink color, perfect for my fall wardrobe, and I got a really cute gold speckled polish (reminiscent of the sequin nails I did a few months back). Later in the fall I’m sure I’ll be wearing the navy alone but as I’m getting the last days of summer out of my system I love having the gold on top!

And we can’t forget these acrylics they have too, or the fact that they’re only $1.50!!! I’m set for the fall!

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