4Q’s with Mess Queen

I first noticed Courtney Gamble a.k.a. the MessQueen’s designs at a fashion show a few months ago and have been dying to get in touch with her ever since! As someone who’s put the leggings trend to good use over the past year (along with the rest of the world) her designs are exactly what I’ve been waiting for! With the intricate details and vibrant colors, these aren’t your everyday leggings- You better have someplace to go in these! Her beautifully outrageous designs look like they were made for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj themselves…and with that being said I made sure to find out all about her new line!

How long have you been designing and what made you start with leggings? 
I started designing when I went to school for fashion design at 18 years old. Learning how to do everything from scratch was a bit overwhelming for the first several months so I would work in the labs until closing every night trying to perfect my newly learned skills. I made my first pair of leggings for my final collection project in the fifth semester (Sept. ’07). They were purple and black leopard printed cotton lycra with a turquoise nylon triangle patch on each knee. They were an instant hit! I decided to concentrate on making leggings after realizing how attracted people were to them. I had so many ideas for new designs and after finding all the spandex fabric hot spots, I was hooked.

If you could dress one celebrity, who would it be? Agyness Deyn. She blew up as the new “It Girl” model around the same time I started making leggings. She looked fabulous in every single spread she was in and I love the way she can rock every type of look out there (tomboy, babydoll, rocker chic, etc.) I always felt that my leggings fit into her personal style.

Some of your styles are considered ‘over the top’. How do you recommend styling these pieces for an everyday look?

For a Tomboy-ish look: Button-down oversized blouse in a solid neutral color with your favorite combat boots and a single chain necklace for a little bling.

For a Glam look: Add a skinny patent leather belt to wrap around the blouse on your waist, a blazer if necessary, with any type of chunky platform heel (the chunkier the better!) and add a few simple bracelets with a brass knuckle ring, bright red or pink lips (my signature) and you’re good to go!

And If you’re really brave: throw on a black leotard and a denim vest, your flashiest gold chain necklace, knuckle rings, with either chunky platform heels, sandals, or combat boots and you’re set for my personal favorite MessQueen look.

So who is the MessQueen girl?- The MessQueen girl is the young creative sort. My girl is self-driven and always gives 100% in all her work projects. Her playtime consists of dashing around the city with her best gal pals going to art openings, music shows, fashion parties, and riding her bike. My girl doesn’t necessarily try to buy what is “mainstream trendy”. She would rather find interesting pieces that are out of the ordinary or visit her favorite local vintage shops. She is very creative, therefore she likes to alter her clothing by cutting, painting, or patching them. Anything that makes my girl stand out to others is what inspires her.

The MessQueen girl always tries to have a positive attitude about everything in life and keeps an open mind. She lives her life as a non-conformist, not intimidated by any pressure from society or the need to be “normal”. Most of all, the MessQueen girl is all about enjoying youth because life is a party!

1- Gold Hologram w/ hearts $130, 2- Black & White Stripe w/ rainbow strip $100, 3- Black & Cream Striped Leggings $85, 4- Black/white stripe harem w/ ankle stud cuff $100, 5- Floral w/ knee patches $85, 6- Blue tribal w/ sequin netting leg $85, 7- Green Lightning Leggings $40, 8- Gold stripe w/ black sequin netting leg $85

To purchase Mess Queen contact: sales@messqueenny.com or visit her shop here

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