I Rest My Case!

With my new (well not really new) iPhone 4, returns my love for phone cases! I found these two brands, CaseMate and TechCandy, that have THE cutest cases so I had to share. Normally I’m more inclined to reach for the bedazzled/glittered out cases…which given the right mood, a quick trip to Michael’s and my hot glue gun I might still do. These though are cute but (a very slight bit) more grown up:

The top three are all CaseMate, a pretty affordable brand that creates cases for almost all smartphones and tablets. Obviously if I get the “Monsta” case ($24.99) I’d need it in pink, but it does come in green, grey and other colors. The “Tut” ($24.99) I honestly haven’t a clue how safe it will keep my phone only because it looks to be hard plastic if not metal, BUT look at it!! The “Yo Gabba Gabba” they have for each character but the ‘party in my tummy’ is too funny to pass up…even though for $39.99 I just might have to :-/

Tech Candy is doing some great 3-in-1 case sets for $32.99, with 2 inner silicone shells and an outer hard case. From their Jet-Set Collection I’m loving the Barcelona and the Bordeaux sets, but of course I had to show you all the New York set too!

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