4Q’s with Mallory Musante

Launched in May of 2009 Mallory Musante took the footwear industry into her own hands. Her hand painted (with no chip paint) designs are showcased in her one of a kind collections as well as custom designs. I was the unfortunate one who missed the recent press preview, but I did have the pleasure of later viewing the collection and interviewing Mallory on what’s to come for her brand:

– Where do you see the brand (your projections) this time next year?

I see the brand expanding and becoming more well known in regions other than the New England area.  I also want to expand into more shoe styles and hopefully open a studio space, which will probably be a few years down the line.

– How will/do you accommodate for larger orders? Will you always be hand-painting the shoes?

I don’t typically do huge bulk orders because they are all hand painted but if it is something like a bridal party, I will definitely accommodate them especially since there is typically quite a bit of time to finish their order.

I do eventually want to replicate my designs by mass-producing them so they are more widely accessible to customers but they won’t be hand painted if I do this.  However, even while I’m mass-producing designs, I plan on continuing to hand paint designs as well.

– Who is the ‘Mallory Musante’ girl? What’s her style?

The ‘Mallory Musante’ girl is a woman that has a strong sense of style and isn’t scared to make a statement with her shoes.

–  Will you be expanding the line to include wedges and/or flats? (Personal question!) 

I definitely plan on expanding into different styles.  I plan on adding flats next and eventually expand into wedges, peeptoes, etc. in the future.

I love the pumps but waiting patiently for those wedges and Mallory I’ll be first in line when they hit stores! For more visit: http://www.MalloryMusanteShoes.com

*photos via Mallory Musante

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