Return of the Strapless Dress

I’ve always loved strapless dresses, but I so rarely find one that fits me right that I’d all but given up on the strapless dress hunt. The best one I’ve had was my prom dress, which I still wish I kept and made into a day dress but I donated it to a good cause! I have come across a few contenders for the new perfect strapless dress though:

Via +

This pretty floral one I found on ($115) months ago when I was looking for a birthday outfit, it’s always sold out though and I’m not surprised. At first look I felt like I should be frolicking in the park but I think it would be really cute for a summer date! The embellished dress was my fav from (£85), I’m in love with the color and the detail. Boning is a must with these dresses, and it looks like they got it right with this one (tugging at a dress all day is just a no-go for me)

via Rebecca Taylor

These two from Rebecca Taylor’s Summer  and Pre-Fall’11 collection are super-cute too. I love the detailing on the Indigo Denim Strapless Dress ($325), and who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? It might’ve been the color on the Raspberry Ruffle Party Dress ($325) that caught my eye, ya’ll know I love me some pink! Their a little more pricey than I would hope but for a special occasion I say why not 🙂

2 thoughts on “Return of the Strapless Dress

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