Lacquer Saturday: Back to Shellac

I wanted to wait until I could show you the before and after of my manicure before I let this post go from draft to public, but I’m missing coloring my nails so much I have to take it off now! So I’ve been in love with Shellac manicures since last year, but I’ve taken a bit of a break since I’ve been changing nail colors so often. Now there’s one reason that…they last too long! That is, coincidentally, the same reason I love them so much. Granted it costs $30, so once per month is about as far as it goes, but after the process is done it’s kind of worth it.

Picking a color from a special set of polishes, they put a special top coat and two layers of the polish while ‘baking’ my nails in a UV oven after each step. It’s promised to last at least two weeks with no chipping, cracking or peeling, but even the fact that there’s no drying time after the manicure makes me want to keep getting it.

They have lots more colors available now than when I first started getting them last year. See how they held up over the past two weeks:

Fresh Mani!
Two weeks later
Just because they won’t chip doesn’t mean they can’t break!

2 thoughts on “Lacquer Saturday: Back to Shellac

    • it was hard to keep from painting my nails again, but I realized regular nail polish remover doesnt work on the shellac (there’s a special formula to soak it off) so you could paint over it!

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