Brunch Review: Cafecito Bogota

After many reschedules and forgotten dates we, ( @spoilsofstyle and I) finally tried out this Colombian restaurant, Cafecito Bogotá, in my beloved Brooklyn yesterday. Now I love latin food, but Im realizing I’ve actually never had Colombian food. I did check out the menu online however and as you all know, I love anything involving shrimp!

I needed to take the tomatoes off!

Flavorless I didnt even eat
@SpoilsofStyle ‘s egg dish

The food looked great, as you can see…but I feel like they left the flavor up to my imagination. The shrimp was either undercooked or they used cocktail shrimp and didnt fully warm them up. Either way my food wasn’t hot, and anyone who knows me knows I need my food piping hot! That would’ve been strike one but their heavenly Passion Fruit Sangria’s offset that…a little. I ordered off the regular menu, which ended up costing twice what I wanted/expected to pay for the brunch especially since my sangrias were no longer included. Ms @SpoilsofStyle did thoroughly enjoy her food so it wasn’t a terrible place, I’m a bit of a picky eater though so I’m not sure if/when I’l be returning to that Greenpoint hang out.

My rating: 3/10

3 thoughts on “Brunch Review: Cafecito Bogota

    • lol I started typing from my phone when I got home! I knew if I didnt throw it up now I’d end up doing it like two weeks from now (notice how I never wrote anything for that jewelry event we went to smh). You can take the pic! And you know I didn’t remember what your or my dishes were called :p

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