4 Questions with Andrea Barna

Andrea Barna wants us all to get on TREND. Her new collection succeeds her first line, A by Andrea Barna which has been seen on Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys. Created using resin, brass and enamel pieces, the TREND not for the faint of heart. Significantly less dainty than A by Andrea Barna, the line inspires fun, happiness and living life to the fullest. Check these pieces of the TREND collection and the interview I had the pleasure of having with her.

Turquoise & Cobalt Earrings $110

What was the inspiration behind the TREND line? I get inspired by many different aspects of my life. I wanted to do a really fun, vibrant collection, that wa really full of life.. My friends inspire me..and this collection is for them

How will TREND be different from A by Andrea Barna? TREND by Andrea Barna is not as dainty as my staple colletion. I used a lot of differnt materials including resin, brass, and enamel. The collection hence the name is very trendy, fun and I used tons of differnt elements in the creation. The colors are brighter, and the pieces are bigger!

Reversible Bib Necklace $138

Who is the ‘TREND’ woman? The TREND woman like to have fun with fashion, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She enjoys life and enjoys using color and shapes as a form of self expression.

Whats your personal style? And how does it reflect in your pieces?My personal style is never too serious. I have fun with fashion and style, and love to mix in color. I’m a huge fan of accessories and believe they can “make or brake you.” Just by adding a piece of TREND jewelry, your outfit just changes!

Spiked Cuff $95

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