Deep Condition, Deep Condition, Deep Condition!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 5 months it’s the importance of deep conditioning. Black hair is notoriously dry, especially in it’s natural afro state. Why? I have no idea. Could be any reason from the tightness of your curl pattern to not drinking enough water. The why isn’t really important though, it’s how you deal with it. I prefer deep conditioning once a week, and doing co-washes every few days. Sitting under a dryer for 10-30 minutes with a shower cap on can go a long way with keeping your hair soft, strong and hydrated. I’ve actually left the conditioner in over night before my first time getting my hair blown out at the hair salon.

That being said let’s talk about the newest conditioner I’ve been using: Carol’s Daughter Monoi Collection. Being a product junkie and avid supporter of Carol’s Daughter I had to try out the new collection when it came out last week. We bought the Conditioner and the Hair Mask, and I’m glad I tried it out. The collection is made with Monoi oil, bamboo water, hydrolized silk and Pro-Vitamin B5. They claim it reduces breakge by 92% after 1 use, which honestly I thought was just their marketing team ‘cushioning’ the real statistics. After my first usage I did notice my hair was incredibly soft, but I was still losing as much hair as I normally do when I detangle it. Although this moring  being the 3rd time I used the conditioner I’m now noticing less breakage when I’m detangling, so consistency is clearly key with this product.

Pairing the conditioner/hair mask with the Wen I’ve been using might just be my new hair care regimen 🙂

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