Heat Protectants, Flat Irons and Poofing!

Since I’ve taken my locks out I’ve been weary of exposing my hair to excessive heat (fyi: the lock take down process make hair sensitive for a while) so I’ve only been under the dryer for my weekly deep conditions. I tried flat ironing my hair for the first time this week. I can definitely say it’s an experience I won’t ever forget but will hopefully be improving on in the coming months.

I was advised to use a heat protectant, and after perusing several beauty supply stores I tried IC Fantasia’s Heat Protector Straightening Serum after my usual wash/condition + blow out. It wasn’t the product I was looking for but I was excited to try out the flat iron so I went for it…and it was AWFUL! The serum made my hair very sticky, dull and a bit lifeless. I ended up washing the entire thing out with Peppermint Soap and starting all over. I was really surprised at IC Fantasia for the poor quality of the serum, I’ve used their styling gels before and were satisfied with them. This serum however promptly banished to my canister of shame a.k.a. the garbage can! I’ve been advised to try Motions and Smooth N’ Shine products so reviews on both will come.

Still wary of heat damage I did a little more research on what exactly makes heat protectants and heat protectant. From what I found, anything that conditions your hair is a heat protectant. Most products do say ‘apply before heat styling’ or something to that effect in the directions, but be sure to use enough to saturate your hair from root to tip but not so much that its wet. Wet hair and a flat iron/curling iron/etc is like oil and water. Many of the ‘heat protectant’ products are also infused with silicone, as the IC Fantasia serum is. I’m still doing research on the pros/cons of silicone infused hair products and I’ve seen many mixed reviews on it so more to come on that later. Even with a heat protectant I won’t be flat ironing it too often, partly because I’m so in love with my afro.

The end result wasn’t as expected but thanks to Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Sweet Ambrosia + Kinky Curly Knot Today my hair came out super soft and healthy looking. Even though I was going for extra straight, which initially it was, by the time I hit got to my office it poofed right back up. It wasn’t frizzy at all but it definitely had volume and body, which ends up kind of a testament to how potent these two products are!

*Pics to come!*

3 thoughts on “Heat Protectants, Flat Irons and Poofing!

    • Your hair will look good whether you iron it or not. I know people who use their irons once a year and other that do it everyday, I think not damaging it might be a mix of trial and error and always using a heat protectant!

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