How-To: Lock “Take Down”

The most asked question I’ve gotten so far since everyone has seen my new hairdo: How did you do it? Now I’m definitely not the person who came up with the technique nor am I the first person to comb their locks out but for those of you thinking of taking out your locks or are just curious about the process, here’s how I did it.

What you’ll need:

  1. Water + a Spritzer
  2. Conditioner (lots of it)
  3. Several metal rat tail combs
  4. Friends/Family willing to help
  5. Patience

The last two are optional but HIGHLY recommended…actually patience really isn’t all that optional, this isn’t something that can be done in one day by yourself…or even a couple days. So here’s what I (we) did:

Start from the back and wet your locks with water/conditioner as you go. Until you know how fast you can take each lock out there’s no need to wet your whole head each time. Starting from the bottom pick through the lock little by little with the metal tip of your rat tail comb. (Don’t use the comb end too much or risk pulling out more hair than should be coming out ordinarily). It’s essentially an easy task but depending on how many locks you have and how much help you have it can take you anywhere from 5 days to two months. I box braided the loose hair as I went along to keep it out of the way and so I wasn’t going to work with my hair afro locked and half afro!

Once it’s all out I recommend shampooing with Peppermint Soap or a really strong shampoo that will get all the buildup out. Follow with a deep condition and/or hot oil treatment, and I recommend continuing the deep conditioning once every two weeks for the next few months to regain hairs strength and elasticity.

DISCLAIMER: Yes you will lose hair, it’s inevitable. Some will lose more than others but I want anyone who decides to take this route to natural hair to be completely understanding of what they’re in for. I personally lost about 2 inches over all, I think my mother lost about 1.5 inches when she took hers out. And yes it did hurt a bit, not torturous pain but the stress of the constant pulling through of the comb makes your scalp a bit sensitive.

With that being said, I bid you all adieu ’til the next one! The video below is a tutorial for the whole process, I didn’t make it but I did find it helpful, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “How-To: Lock “Take Down”

  1. I recently got locs, and am contemplating (when i am thru with the hairstyle) how I will be taking them out. Is your hair weaker now that you have combed out your locks? My aunt did the same thing,but her hair feels weaker than it did before.

    • My hair doesnt feel weak now, but it is much more vulnerable than when it was loc’d and combing them out can stress the hair out. I deep conditioned my hair at least once a week from the day I took them out which helped a lot, I also didn’t put heat on it for the first few months. I’m also using Wen haircare products, which also is doing great for my hair. I’ll be doing a product review on Wen very soon so stay tuned!

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